-Simple pricing model (be careful of 'menu' pricing) - AY provides full service property management Colorado Springs at 9.5% ($110 min)

-Can you cancel your property management agreement anytime? This tells you something about the confidence that property manager has in their service

-Frequent property inspections - how often is the lawn being checked, interior inspections?

-How do they screen for quality renters? .

-Are they members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and Realtors

Quality Tenant Screening

With 50 state criminal background, and full credit checks (included in the property management fee), we maximize your ability to have a great renter in your home

Property Management Colorado Springs - 719-660-7458

Easy Pricing

Our all-inclusive pricing avoids surprise charges - no 'menu' pricing here - 9.5% for monthly rental property management Colorado Springs

Frequent inspections

We'll be at your home 14 times per year for exterior and interior inspections plus video walkthrough and checklist at move in

What should you look for in a quality property management company?

Account Managers

You will have a licensed broker/account property manager assigned to you and your home - a single point of contact and problem solver to make sure all goes great with your relationship with AY

Why Choose AY Realty for Property Management Colorado Springs?

We're a different kind of property managment company

AY Realty is a property management company with great processes and systems to complete the property management lifecycle.  We have unique and proprietary ways of assigning work and tracking property performance.  This allows us to provide landlords a consistent experience, and allows us to price in a way that reflects our efficient business model.  Give us a call and find out more about how AY Realty can help you, the homeowner.  Most of our clients have exactly one property to rent - we specialize in this personalized service. 

AY Realty LLC
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by Andy Shinn

FirstPay - a one of its kind in the industry

AY FirstPay guarantees your mortgage payment, direct to your lender, on time, regardless of whether the renter's payment has been received.  Or, you can receive the payment direct to your bank account by the 3rd each month.  This optional program is available now. Call for details and conditions.  

  Single Family Home Property Management Specialists                 Call us at 719-660-7458

Free Rental Rate Evaluation Report

Or just call us, at 719-660-7458

Property Management Videos

AY Realty LLC
1155 Kelly Johnson suite 111COLORADO SPRINGS, CO80920US
Phone: 7196607458 Website: http://www.ayrents.com/